Newcastle United 3-0 Manchester United.

January 5, 2012

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I am fucking annoyed. I mean after the debacle against Blackburn we respond with this? In less than a week we went from having a chance to steal a lead on Manchester City to being three points behind and -11 on goal difference. We didn’t deserve to lose three-nil last night, but we didn’t deserve anything either. I remember thinking throughout the game: ‘This is Manchester United, we are going to still win, we don’t give up”, but bar Rooney’s shot cleared off the line we had absolutely nothing.

Why is it, that our front six either all play well, or all play terrible? Is there something in the fucking water? It seems as one minute there drinking bloody holy water next minute there all bloody hungover on whiskey. I thought Wayne Rooney’s punishment was harsh for having a meal after boxing day, but after seeing his useless performance last night SAF was dead right, again. One thing SAF isn’t right on, however, is our squad. We need a bloody midfielder. Actually no, we need two bloody midfielders. And I am not talking about this pish-posh ‘Attacking Midfielders’ or wingers who are handy in midfielder, I am talking about two predominate central midfielders. Luka Modric and Cheik Tiote for example. Put those two players together and teams would be soiling their pants just reading the team sheet.

We our heavily reliant on Rooney to come up with the goods. Look at the 2008 team, Rooney was Ronaldo’s sidekick. A brilliant sidekick yes, but he allowed Ronaldo to be brilliant and when he wasn’t, Rooney would step in. Rooney has Nani to sidekick him, but your never quite sure with Nani. Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia, Javier Hernandez, Danny Welbeck and Dimitar Berbatov are all very good players, but they aren’t world class. Let’s compare this class to the 2008 one:

Goal: Van der Saar vs David de Gea or Anders Lindegaard – I think both of our keepers are very good, I think de Gea will be great, but Van der Saar wins this hands down. 2008

Defence: Brown-Vidic-Ferdinand-Evra vs Valencia/Jones/Smalling/Rafael/Fabio -Vidic-Ferdinand-Evra –  On the surface looks pretty similar, but we haven’t had a settled back four all season. Patrice and Rio have declined and Vidic is out for the season. 2008

Midfield: Hargreaves-Scholes-Carrick vs Carrick-Cleverley – Carrick has actually gotten back to his best in the last few months, but Cleverley isn’t Scholes and we haven’t replaced Hargreaves. 2008

Forwards: Ronaldo-Tevez-Rooney vs Nani-Rooney-Hernandez-Young – Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney were frightening that season, and while on their day our current forwards are breathtaking, they lack 2008’s consistency. They don’t have Ronaldo either. 2008

So 2008 team wins convincingly. But, like I said before our team is in transition. However, I can’t honestly seeing them reaching 2008’s standard without some much needed investment. Ravel Morrison, Paul Pogba and Ryan Tunnicliffe aren’t ready to play 40+ games a season for the first team yet. They won’t be for awhile. It’s bollux to think if we sign a player they won’t progress, absolutely tosh. If there good enough, they’ll get into the team. Look at Jack Wilshere, he got into an Arsenal team with Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri already covering his position.

It’s annoying to think right now, we have two fit midfielders who are actually central midfielders. We are only going to get one more back this season when Cleverley returns, we have to hope that Fletcher comes back at all. I know it’s difficult to sign someone in January, but it’s not impossible. This time last year West Ham signed Demba Ba – who destroyed us last night. We might have to pay a bit extra, but if the Glazers are true to their word, this should be no problem at all. Our club pumps in a staggering amount of money, surely we can indulge ourselves? Seeing Ji-Sung Park and Rafael on Saturday was diabolical.

Despite all the negatives, I still think were going to beat City on Sunday. Funny old game isn’t it?

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