How is Evra the Antagonist?

February 11, 2012


I’m fucking angry. I should be elated. Our lads have just beaten Liverpool, in a very convincing manner I might add, contrary to the 2-1 scoreline. But I’m angry at the abuse Patrice Evra has gotten in the last few months. He’s been labelled as the boy who cried wolf. It’s absolutely diabolical.

Every since the incident, Liverpool have been quick to jump to their player’s aid. They have defended him to death, breaking the silence both clubs agreed on before the hearing. Then they brought out those disgraceful t-shirts before their game against Wigan.

They’ve been adament that Suarez is innocent. Then why in the name of god, did they not appeal the ban? Don’t give me that bullshit excuse that they feared he’d get a further ban. If you believe that you are right, then why not go out full guns blazing? Suarez is going to be labelled a racist for the rest of his career, rightly or wrongly, so why not do everything in their power to clear his name? Football isn’t bigger than life.

They didn’t appeal and when Suarez did come back, King Fucking Kenny had the audacisty to claim he never should have been banned. And the sickening thing is people have been jumping on Evra’s back.

“Oh, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch”. Fucking bullshit. We’re no longer a bunch of caveman who are fascinated by the sight of fire. It’s 2012, surely we’re more intelligent then to live by that motto. What’s the point of having this massive anti-racism campaign if people in the game moan about people complaining about racism? I was at Stamford Bridge last week and Rio Ferdinand was booed by Chelsea supporters. Why? Because he defended his brother Anton, who John Terry is suspected of racially abusing.

And this excuse about what he said was friendly in his native country. More fucking bullshit. Suarez lives in England, he should learn what’s right and wrong in England. “Evra has played the race card before”. Again, bullshit. He hasn’t. It wasn’t him who claimed he has been racially abused. Actually learn your facts before you talk.

Now there’s a video on YouTube trying to decipher whether it was Suarez or Evra who snubbed the handshake. Well Evra tries grab his hand to shake it, and so does de Gea. If Evra did intially back out, why didn’t Suarez shake his hand then?

And if Evra did snub Suarez (he didn’t, anyone watching MOTD would have seen that), who could have blamed him? Yes he said he came into the game wanting to shake his hand. But, maybe when he saw Suarez’s face again he remembered what Suarez said to him. How he’s been turned into the antagonist in this situation. Would I shake the hand of a man who said hurtful things towards me? I doubt it. Would you?

Suarez has been proven guilty. He even apologized for it, even though he didn’t apologize to Evra. I don’t believe the man is racist, not for a second. I do understand at the heat of battle things can be said, that you don’t mean. But, at least have the decency to apologize for it. People make mistakes. But, if you don’t try rectify these mistakes, then Suarez you deserve all the boo’s you get.

Look at articles with comments and the opportunity to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ these comments. Any comment attacking Evra is substantially high up. Even on most YouTube videos the top comments are against Evra. A friend of mine, who is black, said he wanted Liverpool and Suarez to win because he hated Evra.

Patrice isn’t a saint. He did lead the mutiny at the World Cup for France. He can say things that upsets other clubs (Arsenal). But, we’ve never claimed him to been a saint. But that doesn’t mean he deserves to be abused. He wasn’t trying to wild up the crowd at Old Trafford, he was delighted that he got one over the man who abused him and the fans who have been calling him a lying bastards. It was obvious he wanted to thank United fans for supporting him today.

Liverpool should have a long hard look at themselves, including their fans. The way they’ve handled themselves has been disgraceful. From laughable club statements, t-shirts and now today with Kenny Daglish refusing to comment on the situation. People sharpened their knifes when Fergie induced a media black out for a few weeks last season, after he spoke his mind. Kenny should get the same treatment.

I’ve watched nearly every game Patrice Evra has played for United. I’ve rarely ever seen him lose his cool, on and off the pitch. But, that day at Anfield I knew something rattled him, taunting the Liverpool crowd was very out of character. Yes, he has made comments about clubs before – Arsenal fans will be the first to tell you – but to kiss the badge in front of opposing fans I’ve never seen him do.

I honestly believe a sports blog should focus on just that, the sport. I don’t care what x, y or z does in his spare time. It’s one of the main reasons Paul Scholes is my all time favorite player. Come in and does his job and then goes home. But, the way Evra has been labelled by Liverpool fans is disgraceful. Patrice Evra has taken the time to learn about United’s history, so I think it’s only right United fans should take the time to back him up.

Luis Suarez has been proven guilty. The panel had access to more than what I, you or any member of the public had. It wasn’t just simply a case of one man’s word against another’s word.

Always the victim, it’s never your fault.

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