Hang On To Your Seats

April 13, 2012


Last Sunday United went eights point clear at the top of the table after United beat QPR and City lost to Arsenal. Everyone wrote City off, United were going to win their 20th league title.

Did you really think it would be that easy? I was uneasy before the Wigan game. United had not lost in the league since Newcastle away and had a perfect record against Wigan. Wigan were on a good run of form and were robbed against Chelsea. They’d be up for the game.

United lost 1-0. They were poor and fatigued. Paul Scholes was missed. Hernandez barely touched the ball, Valencia didn’t use his pace and power, Giggs was woeful and Young and Rooney were ineffective. United did liven up when Welbeck, Cleverley and Nani came on but the difference was palpable.

United should have had a couple of penalties and the corner Wigan scored from was not a corner but, United have had luck in recent weeks so their is no point in complaining. Pundits and opposition will still claim that the big clubs get all the decisions, but that’s the dangers of perception, it hides away from the truth.

United are five points ahead with five games remaining. But, that game at the Ethihad is a major factor. Lose that and the difference will be down to two points with two games remaining. United wouldn’t want to be going to Sunderland on the last game of the season needing something, especially with Martin O’ Neil now in charge.

But that only happens if United win their other games. While there all at home, Everton, Villa and Swansea should not be taken lightly. United have failed to beat Basel, Benfica, Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Ajax, Bilbao, Blackburn and Newcastle all at home this season. Five of those teams have been victorious. The imperious form of last season is gone.

In United’s favor is a wealth of experience, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, Patrice Evra, Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex all have a plethora of medals from past campaigns. They’ll know how to get things done. But, the inexperience of David de Gea, Phil Jones, Tom Cleverley, Danny Welbeck and Ashley Young should be taken into account. All it takes is one slip.

There has been an air of uncertainty with this United team. They’ve been polarizing in their form this season. From trouncing Arsenal 8-2 to losing to City 1-6 it’s been a season to remember. They’ve been embarrassed in Europe this season and lessons for this side in transition will have to be learned.

And they will be learned, Sir Alex will make sure of that. But, it will take character to keep their nerve from now to the rest of the season. If they manage it, not only will it be a big milestone for the team especially for the newcomers, but it will ensure that those noisy neighbors will be kept quiet for another season.

Make sure you’re in good health, because the next month is going to be nerve wracking. United never make it easy. Believe.


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2 Comments on “Hang On To Your Seats”

  1. melmarriott Says:

    Good article and probably the best summary of the current situation I’ve seen so far. I too was concerned that so many people (including highly paid tv pundits and journalists) were saying it was all over. A lot of people will be expecting an easy win aganst Villa but after todays result at Norwich the pressure is really on. Believe20


    • ryandunny Says:

      Exactly City are playing under no pressure. It’s very like the situation a few years ago with Liverpool when they finished second. They were playing horrendous just lost two nil to Middlesborough and if we had beaten them at Old Trafford we would have basically won the title. But, we lost four one and Liverpool hit a brilliant stretch of form while we were very sluggish (lost to Fulham the week after). Then the pivotal moment came when Macheda scored the winner against Villa. Hopefully we won’t need such heroics tomorrow, but we can’t afford to be sluggish again with Man City away in a few weeks.


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