Reasons To Be Positive

May 13, 2012


Nobody gave United a chance this morning. Personally I thought we’d struggle to even beat Sunderland, never mind what happened at the City – QPR game. To lose it the way we did was agonizing. It’s being so close to glory that makes it so painful. All the abuse, criticism and stick we’ve gotten this season and when it came down to it, we were a couple of minutes from winning the league. City’s millions and they could only beat us on goal difference. Although, there is the small fact that we did blow an eight point league. That reckless performance against Everton was the pivotal moment in the season and our lads blew it.

But, you have to take the good with the bad. It’s moments like this that make successful campaigns that much sweeter. We mightn’t have won a trophy for the first time since 2005, but there is a lot to take away from this campaign.

David de Gea – Proving The Critics Wrong

I was at the Community Shield game and the minute City scored their second goal I knew the press would be after de Gea. They were, and the David didn’t do himself any favors the following week when he made a clanger against Shane Long. However, the criticism was over the top. For Patrick Barclary to say de Gea was “Heurelho Gomes without the shot-stopping ability” summed up the idiotic attitude the English press had. They had seen the trouble Sir Alex had replacing Peter Schmeichel and rubbed their hands at the chance to lay in de Gea failing to replace Edwin van der Sar. It was ridiculous.

David did have a few clangers, but that was expected. People are quick to forget that these lads are just like us, they make mistakes. David was adapting to new team mates and a new culture. When he finally got a regular center back pairing in front of him he flourished. That save against Chelsea in the last minute was probably the turning point. Since then he has been outstanding and hearing that he was visible upset after today is encouraging. David is going to be a fantastic keeper for us for a number of years, maybe it’s a bit too idealistic to say for his entire career, but he’ll pick up plenty of medals.


Johnny Evans and Michael Carrick – Much Needed Resurgence 

Everyone forgets that Johnny Evans was brilliant in his first few seasons with United. He had a horrendous campaign last year, but he proved people wrong this season. Many people, including myself, expected Evans to fall to the bottom of the pecking order after the signing of Phil Jones. But, Evans dug his heels in when he got the chance. I’ve been impressed by his ball playing ability. I always thought Johnny was great at tackling and blocking, but he has showed a new dimension to his game. That pass against Villa a few weeks ago was Scholesque. Filling in for Nemanja Vidic is difficult, such is Nemanja’s brilliant standards, but Evans did a great job. Unfortunately he like de Gea, ended up without a trophy.

More of the same next season Johnny.

Michael Carrick has been our most consistent player all season. It took him an age to get into the team, but once he did like Evans he dug his heels. He broke his goalscoring duck with a few superb efforts against QPR and Bolton. It’s been small changes to his game that have made the world of difference. Where as before he would immediately give it back to the full back or defender that passed it to him, now he is turning and looking for a forward pass. He still does the shielding role very well and I thought he was the only player to turn in a decent performance at the Etihad. The crowd can still get frustrated with him, but I’ve noticed a change in attitude from most fans. Great to see.

Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley

United used the loan system astutely last season and Welbeck and Cleverley benefited greatly. Both started the season on fire and combined for United’s first Old Trafford goal this season. They ripped Tottenham and Arsenal apart, but unfortunately for Cleverley he would suffer a frustrating year with injuries. He’s fleeting appearances this season though have given everyone room for optimism.

Welbeck on the other hand has divided opinion. Personally, I think he’s brilliant. He’s quick, hardworking, strong, skillful and has an eye for the spectacular. He is not a poacher like Hernandez, but to finish his first real season with United roughly a one in three average is not bad at all. Rooney seems to enjoy playing with him and even noted that he thought Welbeck was our player of the season.

I don’t agree with that, but I think he deserves massive credit. I didn’t fancy Welbeck a few years ago and I’ve had a completely change in opinion of the striker. His goal against City was one of my favorites of the season. He has room to improve, but I wish people would be more patient with him. It’s great to see a Manchester lad fulfilling his dream.

We’ll Spend in The Summer and Vidic will be back

Sir Alex was at the German cup final yesterday to watch Shinji Kagawa of Borussia Dortmund. For him to travel to see this game a day before the final game of the season is a clear sign of intent. Kagawa managed a goal and assist in what probable will be his next manager. After losing the title, Sir Alex will know that he has to spend and get a few players. Expect some early transfer activity from us.

Vidic only played six league games all season. Imagine if Kompany played only six games? Would City be champions right now? Not a chance. But, these things happen and you have to deal with them and we nearly won it without our skipper and in my opinion best player. Vidic will miss pre-season, but should be back for the start of the season. It will be great to see him back in the United shirt. He’ll be keen to win the trophy back.

This Will Drive Us On

Winning the league is great. But, it’s the pain of defeat that players say they remember the most. The players will probably have a terrible summer, knowing they lost the league to our neighbors. But they’ll come back hungrier and more determined to win the league. Winning it is one thing, retaining it is another.

Congratulations to City. But we’ll be back.


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