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June 2, 2012


Whisper of rumors have been circulating that Nani could be sold for the right price this summer, with the winger yet having signed a new contract extension. Nani himself said:

“I have had five seasons at Manchester United and have won all the titles.

Now I am really happy, but I don’t know about my future.

Now I will study opportunities. Football is not only about England or Spain. It is possible to enjoy success in other countries.

My agent is waiting on news about United. We have presented a counter-offer and now we are waiting on an offer from the club.”

To quote WWE superstar ‘The Miz’ but, ‘really?’ Two seasons ago Nani was our players’ player of the year and was outstanding in the first of last season. There was a stage around December where every goal had Nani involved in it. As of the 31st of December 2011, Nani had six goals and seven assists to the five goals and eight assists the much praised David Silva had acquired in the same number of games (18).

Nani added another two goals and three assists in a further seven starts as he struggled with injury for the rest of the season.

So why doesn’t he have a new contract yet? And why do some people not seem so bothered about Nani potentially leaving?

Nani has had his critics from day one. Many lazily have described him as a ‘Ronaldo’ wannabe. While both players are Portuguese, graduates from Sporting Lisbon’s academy and former United players, that’s where the similarities end.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenon. He is just the perfect attacking player, he is a machine. He has everything and will go down as one of the greatest United players ever.

Nani on the other hand is more of a natural winger. He does look to pass the ball and whip in crosses. However, he is not Antonio Valencia. He will roam around and take shots, but last season he really improved on his decision making. While it still isn’t perfect and people jump on that. He’s too inconsistent some say, which is absolute rubbish. To brand him that today is again lazy and reverting back to old perceptions.

Nani is a big game player. In his first season he scored against Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool, also scoring a crucial penalty in the Champions League final. In his second season he really struggled to get into the team and had little involvement in the crunch games. Third season he tore apart Arsenal, Milan in the second leg, Bayern Munich in the second leg, set up a goal against Chelsea and scored a crucial chip against Tottenham all during the second half of the season. In his fourth season he scored and assisted against Manchester City, assisted against Arsenal and assisted against Chelsea. Last season, he scored two against Manchester City, scored against Arsenal and scored against Chelsea. He also got an important goal in the Everton game, although United blew it that is. These goals and assists are just based on memory, there may be more moments where Nani scored or assisted against the big teams or in big games that I can’t recall. But, for such a so-called ‘inconsistent’ player, that is a good record.

We’ve been rumored to spend big bucks this summer. We look set to sign Shinji Kagawa from Borussia Dortmund for £12 million pounds, Nick Powell looks set to be on the way from Crewe, Leighton Baines is rumored to come in at £12-15 million and after missing out on Eden Hazard it’s rumored that we will now pursuit Luka Modric. Is this why Nani may be sold, to help sign these other players?

If so this another case of ‘glazernomics’. It’s shocking that a club that brings in so much money can’t even afford to go mad with the cheque book. People say that it’s not United style, but what about when we signed Veron and Van Nistelrooy in the same summer? Unfortunately, prices for players have gone up and we have to deal with that. No one is saying go crazy and spend silly money on above average players, but just everyone one in while pay that little bit extra to get that star player. We can’t keep relying on Scholes and Giggs and finding gems like Javier Hernandez. The last few summers we’ve missed out on Benzema, Villa, Ozil, Sneijder and now Hazard. Couple the fact that we missed out on signing David Silva and Yaya Toure and it’s a worrying trend. Do players not want to join United anymore?

It annoys me when I see people with this ‘if he doesn’t want to sign, fuck him’ attitude. I remember last summer people were giving out about de Gea when he seemed like he was unsure about moving. It’s a ridiculous attitude. Not everyone, despite what Man United’s ‘research’ shows, supports Manchester United. Imagine this situation you’re working for a company in England and two bigger companies come looking to hire you. You have no emotional attachment to either company. One company is full of history and has a magnificent facilities, but pays you less and is riddled with debt. While the other company may not have much of a glorious history it is on the way up, has a nice stadium and tones of cash and big plans for the future. Who do you join? Personally I would be stumped.

So to rip into players for not making their minds up quickly enough or not picking our club is a horrible vision to have. Be more open minded, these players are people too.

Who ever we sign this summer, if we don’t keep Nani it’s a case of one one step forwards two steps back. We should be keeping and adding on to our world class talent, because a lot of the squad at the moment are not world class players. That’s why we got embarrassed in the Champions and Europa league this season.

I’m going to leave you with this video.

Admit it. If Nani was playing for another team, linked to be going to us and you saw this video you’d be screaming for Fergie to sign him up.

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